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Losing My Religion

One-quarter of Canadians are turning their backs on traditional worship, looking inward instead of upward for spiritual sustenance. Meet four soul survivors who have found new ways to connect with their spiritual side. Download article PDF Published in Best Health in October 2015 When Lori Lansens, a 53-year-old screenwriter and bestselling novelist, was a girl…
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A view from the other side

A Canadian heads across the border for a different take on the Falls Download article PDF Published in The Waterloo Record in October 2015 Who has a better view of Niagara Falls — Canadians or Americans? By a simple fluke of geography, our side wins hands down. The width of Canada's Horseshoe Falls is not…
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Eric Carle Museum is picture perfect

This is a fine example of how a museum can capture the imagination of kids and adults alike. Download article PDF Published in City Parent in October 2015 The best art galleries and art museums tend to be the ones that are works of art themselves. Such is the case with The Eric Carle Museum…
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The Town that Paranoia Built

Salem, Massachusetts is a living monument to the perils of witch-hunting. Download article PDF Published in United Church Observer in October 2015 Aug 19, 1962. Rev. George Burroughs, a Harvard-trained minister, stands on a ladder perched against a tree in Salem, Mass., with a noose around his neck. He begins to say the Lord's Prayer…
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