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Escape to the promised land

During Black History Month visit the Underground Railroad sites in Buffalo-Niagara used by fugitive slaves. Download article PDF Published in Hamilton Spectator in February 2017. She's the most celebrated face of the Underground Railroad - and it's a face destined to become even more famous since the U.S. Treasury announced that Harriet Tubman will replace…
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All about the Buddha bling

‘It’s now time to make up for divine deprivation’ The Dutch Reformed church I was raised in was as stern as the dour expression on John Calvin’s face. Prayers were mournful, rote-style incantations in the self-flagellation vein. Hymns were drawn-out dirges with ceaseless verses. There was no dancing. No clapping or swaying hands. No hearty…
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Gathering in divine defiance

‘It’s entirely possible to experience the communion of saints in a crowd of half a million’ The first time I marched in a rally was in the early 1980s, when Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s abortion clinics were being shut down and he was arrested by police. I don’t remember much about that march except worrying that…
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