Monthly Archives: March 2017

Marking a (mostly) booze-free Lent

It was the convenient Sunday escape hatch that made me do it — a clever Catholic technicality allowing one to “break the fast” on each of the six Sabbaths of Lent. If it weren’t for these cheat days, I never would have considered depriving myself of something I love. In this case, it was the intoxicating Beaujolais-merlot-shiraz…
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Drawing the Devil and the Death cards

‘I’m no longer tossing off tarot as a crock.’ My pious grandmother always warned me about the dangers of playing cards. Sure, Crazy Eights and Go Fish might seem like innocent pastimes, but shuffling around with kings, queens and knights could get one in a spot of royal trouble. Cards could lead to gambling, which…
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My Year of Living Spiritually

For the whole of 2017, I am writing a blog "My Year of Living Spiritually",  which appears every second and fourth Friday of the month on the United Church Observer website. On the blog I share insights from my year-long experimenting with variety of spiritual practices, from hiring a ‘soul coach’ to setting up a home…
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