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“Anne don’t got no daddy”

Anne Bokma, who grew up without a father, looks at how the experience shapes women, and how fatherless daughters can heal. Download article as PDF Published in Homemakers in April 2010 When I was four, my father left our family and, except for two brief meetings, I didn't see him again until I was 29…
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Looking for light

At 42, Anne Bokma felt lost in a spiritual wilderness. Then her search for inspiration led her to a local church, and ultimately to 'a very unreasonable notion': faith. Download article as PDF Published in Homemakers in May 2009 Fifty years ago, the majority of Canadians spent their Sunday mornings sitting on a church pew…
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Signs of my times

When it comes to aging gracefully, a woman wants her family to read between the lines. Download article as a PDF Published in Homemakers in April 2004 The other night as I was nestling next to my six-year-old daughter at bedtime, she looked me directly in the face and asked, "Mommy, why is there a…
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My Year of Living Spiritually

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