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6 Ways to Save on New York City Hot Spots

You can sometimes catch a deal that might surprise you just how cheap it is to get to New York. Download article PDF Published in Flight Network in June 2016 The lacklustre loonie doesn’t mean Canadians have lost their shine for the Big Apple. In fact, it remains one of our favourite getaways. Of the…
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Getting Around Gorgeous Groningen on Two Wheels

Amsterdam may be the most popular tourist draw in the country, but you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you miss out on the charms of Groningen. Download article PDF Published in Forever Young in May 2016 Pedaling along the perfectly paved bicycle paths of Groningen, I am channeling the spirit of my ancestors, specifically…
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Biking, birding, beachcombing and bunkers

Tiny Dutch island of Schiermonnikoog was last part of Europe to be liberated Download article PDF Published in The Hamilton Spectator in April 2016 It's a tiny Dutch island with a very big name - Schiermonnikoog - and a whole lot of history. The smallest of the five inhabited Frisian Islands in the Wadden Sea…
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The Holland I Never Knew

A first-generation Dutch Canadian wrestles with her religious history in the land of her ancestors Download article PDF Published in United Church Observer in March 2016 The most important piece of art from my childhood was an 1866 Dutch print titled De Brede Weg en de Smalle Weg (The Broad and Narrow Way). It hung in…
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Pistes and pasta in Italy’s Dolomites

Stunning landscape is topped off with sunshine, snowy slopes and culinary delights Download article PDF Published in The Toronto Star in February 2016 It takes me a couple of minutes to peel the gloves off my sweaty palms after planting my poles in the snow when our group stops for lunch at Val d'Anna halfway…
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Finding bliss in Old Montreal

Even the crustiest of couples are likely to soften under the charming spell of Old Montreal. Download article PDF Published in Forever Young in February 2016 Everybody knows Old Montreal is romantic. But we're a long married pair who has just spent many hours driving through winter sleet to get here, our coupledom sorely tested…
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A chance to sit at Hemingway’s desk in Key West

Island is a cultural oasis for free spirits, creative types and at least one lucky writer. Download article PDF Published in The Toronto Star in January 2016 Carol Shaughnessy was a 20-year-old student escaping the Minnesota winter when she landed in Key West 40 years ago. After hopping in a pink taxi and driving alongside…
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Newport’s Cliff Walk: On the Edge of Opulence

Offering access to eight mansions, the three-hour walk features a serpentine path aligned with the shoreline. Download article PDF Published in FYI Hamilton-Halton Edition in November 2015 It's only 5.6 kilometres long, but it's one of the most famous walks in the world. The elevated Cliff Walk that wraps itself snugly along the eastern shoreline…
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A view from the other side

A Canadian heads across the border for a different take on the Falls Download article PDF Published in The Waterloo Record in October 2015 Who has a better view of Niagara Falls — Canadians or Americans? By a simple fluke of geography, our side wins hands down. The width of Canada's Horseshoe Falls is not…
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Eric Carle Museum is picture perfect

This is a fine example of how a museum can capture the imagination of kids and adults alike. Download article PDF Published in City Parent in October 2015 The best art galleries and art museums tend to be the ones that are works of art themselves. Such is the case with The Eric Carle Museum…
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