Monthly Archives: April 2017

Take a little (psychedelic) trip with me

I’m 54 and giving birth. More accurately, I’m “rebirthing” my first child, who came into the world 20 years ago. How is this possible? I can’t begin to understand. All I know is that it feels transcendent. Lying on my back, I lift my head, look down and there she is: a tiny head with…
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Meeting My Soul Coach

I’m nervously perched on a red velvet couch, in the comfy, second-floor loft of a spacious Toronto duplex. The scent of white sage wafts through the air and a fire blazes in the hearth while the February snow whips itself into a froth outside. Flickering candles and white tulips — a delicate promise of spring — adorn…
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My Year of Living Spiritually

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