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Making Waves at Walden

It's arguably one of the most famous ponds in the world. Almost 65 acres wide and 103 feet deep, Walden Pond was immortalized by the writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau who regularly boated and bathed here, walking its 1.7-mile perimeter while playing a wooden flute and paying close attention to nature. Click here to…
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Quebec’s Magic Mountain

Mont-Tremblant for skiing? Of course. But here are 11 other ways to keep the kids busy this winter at the Laurentian resort. Click here to read the full article. Published on FamilyFun Canada website. Mont-Tremblant’s history as a ski resort dates back to the American gold prospector Joseph Bondurant Ryan, who was so impressed with the…
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10,000 Meals

Ten thousand meals. That’s what I figure I’ve served my family over 30 years of marriage and 20 years of parenting. In the time it took to make all those meals, I could have written a novel, learned to play the piano or started a small non-profit. Instead, I fed my family.

Mostly, I was happy to do this. I puréed baby food, marinated tofu and peeled potatoes. I sent my two daughters to school with sandwiches wrapped in neatly folded biodegradable wax paper. I lit candles every night at dinner because I believed the supper hour held special curative powers that would bond our clan as well as keep vitamin deficiency at bay.

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Why I still go to church

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="900"] Courtesy of Pexels[/caption]   Most Sunday mornings, you can find me in a back row of the First Unitarian Church of Hamilton. I sing hymns, light a candle for something I’m worrying about or grateful for, and listen to the minister, Rev. Victoria Ingram, preach on topics ranging from the spiritual practice…
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