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The Quieter Life

Sometimes it seems impossible to find a little peace and quiet. Our days are marked by clatter and clamour. We turn on the radio when we get in the car. Everywhere we go, people are chatting on their phones.  There’s muzak in the elevator and, no matter whether you live in the city or the burbs, the traffic’s getting worse.

With the endless stream of 24-hour news, emails and social media competing for our attention, it can be a struggle to find even one minute to meditate, or just sit back and stare at the sky.

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10,000 Meals

Ten thousand meals. That’s what I figure I’ve served my family over 30 years of marriage and 20 years of parenting. In the time it took to make all those meals, I could have written a novel, learned to play the piano or started a small non-profit. Instead, I fed my family.

Mostly, I was happy to do this. I puréed baby food, marinated tofu and peeled potatoes. I sent my two daughters to school with sandwiches wrapped in neatly folded biodegradable wax paper. I lit candles every night at dinner because I believed the supper hour held special curative powers that would bond our clan as well as keep vitamin deficiency at bay.

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8 Bad Habits that Hurt Friendships

Friendship is important. You learned it in kindergarten and now there’s evidence to suggest it’s a key factor in leading a healthy life. Yet, many women find their social circle sparsely populated. Make sure you avoid these missteps that stave off your soul sisters.

WOMEN ARE HARDWIRED FOR FRIENDSHIP. We need others to laugh and lament with and we crave the energizing connections that allow us to share our inner lives, fill the emotional gaps in our marriages and feel less alone when life gets tough. Our very survival depends on deep friendships with other women: Study after study shows that women with a close circle of friends live longer, happier and healthier lives.

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Quiet, Please

Sometimes it seems impossible to find a little peace and quiet.

Our days are marked by clatter and clamour. We turn on the radio when we get in the car. We go for a walk with iPod wires dangling from our ears. There’s muzak in the elevator, planes roaring overhead and subways rattling underneath. It’s a struggle to meditate for more than five minutes, and our fingers itch for our phones if they’re more than an arm’s length away.

There’s always something good on Netflix, doom and disaster blast from 24-hour news channels, and emails, podcasts, chat rooms and game screens compete for our increasingly divided attention.

Addicted to productivity, we go to sleep with visions of to-do lists dancing in our heads and the sounds of our cellphones pinging with persistent notifications. Even when all our gadgets are turned off, it can be difficult to still the chaos in our minds.

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Drink Rethink

How one woman's 21-day no-booze Facebook challenge put the brakes on a habit that was veering into the danger zone. Download article PDF Published in Best Health in June 2016 It was the blackout that did it. Two full hours lost, never to be retrieved from my memory bank again. It was last summer, and…
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The Hammer hits Washington

Published in The Spec, January 25, 2017 After being detained for three hours at the border along with 55 fellow passengers on a bus headed for Saturday's women's march in Washington, 61-year-old Burlington resident Monalee Catena began to lose hope that she'd be part of the historic gathering. Click here to read the full article…
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Losing My Religion

One-quarter of Canadians are turning their backs on traditional worship, looking inward instead of upward for spiritual sustenance. Meet four soul survivors who have found new ways to connect with their spiritual side. Download article PDF Published in Best Health in October 2015 When Lori Lansens, a 53-year-old screenwriter and bestselling novelist, was a girl…
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Happiness is the truth

We found six women who discovered their joy gene and learned to live happily ever after. Now they're sharing their stories. Download article PDF Published in Best Health in March 2015 Many of us go to great lengths in search of joy, but the reality is, it lies close to home - usually deep within.…
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‘I had an affair’

These are words no woman wants to hear. Yet they tumble forth every day, wreaking havoc and crushing hearts wherever they land. Download article PDF Published in Best Health in January 2015 Sandra Barrett* had what she considered to be not just a good marriage but a great one. She and her husband, Bill, laughed…
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