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11 Religions in 7 Days

If you could choose to be born into any religion, would you pick your own or another? Me? Sometimes I wish I’d been born a Buddhist. Click here to read the full article. Instead of being raised in the dour Dutch Calvinist church where I was exposed to such limiting concepts as unconditional election (only a lucky few are predestined…
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The spirituality of my last period

 I was 14 when I got my first period at my Dutch grandmother’s house. I remember lying on Oma’s couch, clutching my stomach to try to quell the strange cramps that had overtaken me. Later, in the washroom, the rust-coloured stain on my underwear alarmed and excited me. Click here to read the full article.…
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Mind Power: 10 tips for student mental health

Jessica Boaventura had a problem with perfection. “I was your picture-perfect girl,” says the University of Guelph psychology student, recalling her last year of high school. She had top grades, plenty of friends, sang in a vocal program and was a star player on the rugby team. “There were lots of awards and accomplishments and…
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Live to 100

They say if you want to have a long life, choose the right parents. But genetics accounts for only 30-40 percent of longevity - the rest is up to you. Download article PDF Published in Health and Lifestyle in February 2015 Debbie, 35, has a high-level career at an international finance company. She's spent the…
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