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She’s Gotta Have It

Female sex addiction might seem the topic of steamy novels or bad TV movies. But for the women who suffer from it, this disorder is all too real. Download article PDF Published in More Magazine in October 2012 She met Rick for sex every Thursday at noon for one hour in Room 213 of the…
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My First Instrument

Music is now a part of my everyday life. Download article PDF Published in More Magazine in September 2012 I live in a house filled with music - my husband, Jeff, has been playing guitar for 40 years, and both my daughters play piano and clarinet. I had never played an instrument until last year…
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Modern Family

While some former spouses never get over the bitterness of a breakup, a fortunate few develop deep and meaningful friendships. Meet three couples who've bridged the divide. Download article PDF Published in More Magazine in June 2012 Laura and Bob spend their time doing most of the things married couples with kids do: sit together…
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The Half-Happy Marriage

Couples open up about the challenges of monogamy and redefining the rules of long-term love. Download article PDF Published in More Magazine in February 2012 Joan Thompson considers herself mated for life. She's been married for more than 30 years to a man with whom she's raised two kids, now in their twenties. She and…
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Post-secondary distress

Got a kid at university? How to tell if your "grown-up" child is calling for help Download¬†article PDF Published in More Magazine in November 2011 When 20-year-old Kevin Dixon* failed his second year at an Ontario university in the spring of 2008, he didn't tell anyone - not his mother, not his friends, not his…
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Marked in midlife

A growing number of women are celebrating being comfortable in their own skin by getting a tattoo. Download article PDF Published in More in October 2011 I used to have a bias against women with tattoos. I'd think of them as a cry for attention whenever I spotted the markings of a "tramp stamp" peeking…
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Welcome to the Sex Club

Anne Bokma infiltrates a haven for swingers and finds many of the clientele are midlifers just like her. Download article PDF Published in More in May 2011 What to wear to a sex club? That's my dilemma as I stand in front of my closet looking for something not too brazen, not too demure. I've…
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Return to Gender

He was born a girl by the name of Melissa, but it was a name that never fit. And all his life, more than anything, Mel, as he now calls himself, has wanted to fit. Download article as PDF Published in More Magazine in July 2010 Mel Rutherford is a married father of five-year-old twin…
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Accidental Addicts

Abuse of mood-altering prescription drugs by mature women can often go untreated. Why? Too many are ashamed to seek help or mistake their addiction for another ailment. Download article PDF Published in More Magazine in May 2010 When Joan Gadsby's four-year-old son, Derek, died of a brain tumour, her family doctor did what a lot…
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To Love, Honour and Stray

Before you dismiss the idea of open marriage as aberrant, consider that it's on the rise, especially among couples of a certain age. Download article as PDF Published in More Magazine in April 2010 When Jill Barrett's close friend Marguerite Palmer lost her husband after a lengthy illness, Jill was there to offer support in…
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